Cold-pressed and bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) at our facilities in the city of Jaén, region of Andalucía in Southern Spain.

Picual extracted purely from olives shown by many studies to be the healthiest variety that contains very high levels of Polyphenols (an organic compound which is known to have antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E, & K), typically 300-700ppm.

Picual is an olive cultivar (cultivated variety) that is the most commonly grown olive today for olive oil production, with production centered in the Spanish Province of Jaén. Picual trees are estimated to account for 25% of all olive oil production in the world. Yet, most commercial operators and olive oil companies blend Picual with inferior olive varieties such as Hojiblanca; Arbequina or Canola and Coconut oil.

Oliva SANTAINEZ offers the finest quality in its product line including PREMIUM 0.02% acidity & SELECTED HARVEST 0.01% acidity level, and is classified as Super Extra Virgin Olive Oil), a rare find in today’s olive oil industry in the California.