This oil is produced from our first harvest in the month of October with the biggest green olives that retain most of the natural minerals and polyphenols (an organic compound that has antioxidants and vitamins). To make this oil, we choose the farms that have the best and largest green olives and ask each farmer individually to select the biggest (green olives) to be carefully handpicked in small batches and to bring them to the factory in the most pristine condition. The olives are processed with care so as not to damage them. They are ground at a low temperature to avoid losing their natural properties. The oil obtained from the first harvest has an intense aroma of green olives, fresh grass, a bright green fruity flavor, tomatoes, and a nuance of green almonds that leaves a light peppery flavored on your palate.
This 0.01% oil is recommended to be used for salads, pastas, sándwiches, dips, flavoring gourmet foods, or to sip a shot every day for the intake of natural antioxidants.

Product Description Extra Virgin Olive Oil Acidity = 0.02% 500 ml (25.40 fl. oz.) Bottles Available in Cases of 12 Bottles

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